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These days housing prices are continually soaring and it isn't every householder that can actually afford to move home when they need to. The cost of moving house needs to be combined with the buying price of the new home in addition to all the added extras when you are determining the overall outlay involved. Nevertheless moving isn't the sole solution open to you if your family is outgrowing your current property.

If your home is suitable, you could potentially put on a proper extension to get that extra space. You must get planning permission to do this and this can be expensive. Yet another option is to do a garage conversion, which is cheaper but is dependant on you actually having a suitable garage and not needing to use it. The other option is to have a loft conversion, which may not only be affordable, but may also add value to your property without increasing its footprint.

Over the last few years, for the reasons mentioned above, loft conversions have become more and more popular. Before heading down this avenue, you'll need to confirm that your home is in fact suitable for a loft conversion. Lots of more modern houses that have roofs made with trusses aren't generally suitable. The best properties for doing loft conversions are the older homes, in particular those put up before the nineteen seventies.

To check on the scenario with your specific loft space and ensure it's suitable you'll want to contact a conversion specialist. The builder will provide you with a quotation for the project as soon as he's established that your particular loft is okay for converting. Get in touch with quite a few loft specialists and gather several quotations so you have a general notion of the probable costs. When deciding on the ideal company for the project you need to use your instinct and not just go with the cheaper estimate.

Loft conversions almost never need planning permission, so it is unlikely that your one will. Your local planning department is where you need to go to determine if you do need to get planning permission. Your loft conversions specialist should have tackled this issue time and time again in the past, and so request their advice at the start.

Despite the fact that getting a conversion is the perfect option for a lot of householders, it's still an expensive undertaking. Lots of people obtain a loan for a project like this, or re-mortgage their property. As a general rule of thumb you may be expecting that a loft conversion will cost you about as much as a good size brick ground level extension and the chances are that you'll achieve more room with a loft conversion whilst not raising your property's footprint.

Dormer Conversions

The style and layout of your actual property will have an impact on which type of loft conversion you end up with. Loft conversions are available in various kinds such as: mansard conversions, velux conversions, hip-to-gable conversions, roof light loft conversions, roof lift conversions, dormer loft conversions and loft pods. Your chosen builder or loft conversion specialist will inform you what design is actually most appropriate for your house.

Perhaps the most widely used type of conversion these days is the dormer layout, a kind which delivers affordability, yet still yields the most possible space. This style is a favorite option with house-holders because it's both practical and pleasing and offers everything that is likely to be required. With a dormer conversion it may even be possible to put in a balcony to your extra floor, meaning you're creating additional exterior space too. There are different kinds of dormers and among these are flat roofed dormers, hipped dormers, Velux dormers and shed dormers. Talk to a specialist to understand which one would be most suitable for your specific home.

Velux Windows

One of the most famous brands of roof windows, Velux, have been around now for more than 50 yrs and you can depend on them to provide loft windows that are both reliable and high class. Velux windows are supposed to fit flush with the slope of your roof and thereby do not alter the shape of the structure, they do not typically need local authority permission plus they are reasonably cheap to put in. They let in a good quantity of daylight and in fact may even need to have blinds the summertime. If your loft has got a decent bit of head space, a Velux windows may be just the ticket for you, in particular if you've got limited cash.

How Much Time Could it Take?

The amount of time that it might take to do a loft conversion is determined by various things such as the kind of conversion, the amount of pre-planning that is done, the capability of the building contractors, the availability of required components and the prevailing weather conditions. As an approximate guideline it should take approximately 4 to 5 weeks to carry out a rear dormer loft conversion on a terraced dwelling and about 5 to 6 weeks to do a hip to gable dormer conversion on a semi-detached house.

You just need to decide what to use all that extra room for when your loft conversion is finished. You may use it as a dining room, a new bathroom or an additional bedroom. However there are a number uses to which a well designed loft conversion can be put, restricted merely by your inventiveness!

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